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About Us

Louis Charles & Co. Head to Toe Salon and Day Spa has been servicing the Butler area for over 40 years. The staff of Louis Charles & Co. is passionate about the care of hair, skin, and body. Ongoing education is a priority for all of us. Our technicians are dedicated to sharing the latest techniques and knowledge with clients. We take pride in offering our clients a professional, friendly, intimate, and uplifting salon experience. We truly work together as a team and look forward to servicing you and yours for years to come. 

Wild Flowers


It's not official until March 19th but, it sure does feel like Spring is starting early this year! We love all the things that Spring brings. Mother Earth is waking back up and turning green again. The sun shines a little longer each day and we will even appreciate the spring showers nourishing all of nature's new growth. Do you notice people smile a little bigger in spring and desire to "get out" and move, visit one another and plan or begin their next life's adventure? We think so.
We are here and ready for all the things that we love about Spring! 

LC&Co. Team

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